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Kaiser Island - S37
Survivor: David vs. Goliath analysis

Ep.3: Get off my island

Episode 3: Get off my island

Published: October 12, 2018


Ryan relishes every hair-flipping moment of the title bout in this episode: No, not Mason-Dixon vs. Gabby, or Bi vs. her knee, but Goliath vs. Goliath, a.k.a. Natalie vs. Jeremy.

Ep.2: Why would you wanna take out the old lady?

Episode 2: Why would you wanna take out the old lady?

Published: October 5, 2018


Ryan surveys the damage of two storms that swept through Episode 2 of David vs. Goliath: Elizabeth's high-powered flipping of the votes on David to save Lyrsa, and Natalie's cyclonic path to deepest reaches of his heart.

Ep.1: We will keep fighting

Episode 1: We will keep fighting

Published: September 29, 2018


Ryan basks in the extended space of the David vs. Goliath premiere, exulting in the extra time to meet and greet the new contestants, from the John of many names, to the Davids of many sad backstories, to sad back story of Pat, to the force of nature that is Natalie.

The TDT DvG contestant draft

Pre-season: The TDT DvG contestant draft

Published: September 22, 2018


The True Dork Times writers (Ben Martell, Pat Ferrucci, Ryan Kaiser, and Jeff Pitman) come together to draft fantasy teams of David vs. Goliath contestants, in an attempt to win eternal* glory by having the team containing the winner. (*Offer expires roughly one month after the season ends.)

DvsG cast assessment

Pre-season: David vs. Goliath cast assessment

Published: September 16, 2018


With just over a week until the premiere, Ryan kicks off our Survivor 37 coverage with his impressions of the new contestants of Survivor: David vs. Goliath, some of whom actually have some pre-season content beyond their written bios!


Ryan KaiserRyan Kaiser has been a lifelong fan of Survivor since the show first aired during his days in elementary school, and he plans to one day put his money where his mouth is by competing in the greatest game on Earth.  Until that day comes, however, he'll stick to running his mouth here and on Twitter: @Ryan__Kaiser

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