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True Dork Times Survivor 20: Heroes vs. Villains spoilers
Episode 14: "Anything Could Happen" (Season finale) Filmed: September 14-16, 2009
Airdate: Sun., May 16, 2010
Episode 14: F5 IC | F5 Boot | F4 IC | F4 Boot | Jury vote | Summary
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Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains ep. 14 detailed F4 immunity challenge spoilers/ spec
   The Survivors wander around (blindfolded), in their final attempt at winning the immunity necklace. And with a final three, no pressure for voting someone out! Win-win.

    As for the challenge, no help at all from the ads, but they say at MeSS found a quote from an AP interview with Jeff Probst that lends a few clues: "Probst promised a close finish in the season's last immunity challenge, which will feature the final four castaways blindfolded.
   'The final immunity challenge is a big challenge with a lot on the line,' said Probst. 'Everybody is wanting and truly feeling they need to win or they're probably going home. It's one of the closest finishes we've ever had. It was so exciting and so close, that it cut itself in the editing room. Our editors said it was the easiest challenge to edit.'"

Immunity challenge vidcaps: click to view larger picture

   So who wins? Not clear yet. Although the default guess this season is apparently supposed to be Parvati, according to SurvivorsUnite. Then again, blackwhale has a story about this specific challenge (or rather its aftermath) and claims that
Russell wins it. Then again, blackwhale also claims it's a repeat of the Samoa final challenge, which doesn't fit with Probst's description in the slightest, so it should probably be ignored. Best guess is probably Parvati again.

Have some info we missed? We'll take it: Click here